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Folded Books


Q- Are Crizu Folded Books hand folded?

R- Crizu Folded Book are hand folded page by page in Italy. Every different fold results in the model and shape of the sculpture. The books my be unfolded and read again. Please know that the cover is cut away. The models Blown are not folded, the are done with a different procedure.

Q- What kind of books are they?

R- Crizu recuperates old and obsolete books that are no longer in use and that are meant to go to the shredder. The research of the right book is very important for the realization of the sculpture. The book of origin is chosen by quality of paper, hue, number of pages, ecc. Crizu does not fold religious books

Q- Are the pages cut?

R- The pages of the sculptures are not cut, but hand folded. Only the cover is cut away.

Q- Are the Crizu Folded Books made in Italy?

R- Yes, the sculptures are all hand made in Italy

Q- How do I clean them?

R- Crizu Folded Books can be dusted with a light blow from a hair dryer or with an ostrich feather duster with gentile stokes. A part from the models blow, the paper is not treated. In any case though, water and chemical cleansers are not to be used

Q- Does the paper have any particular fixative or coating?

R- A part from the models Blown, all other models do not have any fixative or coating. The paper is at it’s natural state.

Q- The Blown model. How is it different from the other models.

R- The model Blown is made with a different process from the other sculptures. The quality of the paper is different to begin with: very light. The book is not folded, but subjected to alternated procedures of humidity, heat, and fixatives that combined in the end creates the effect wanted.

Q- Do the paper sculptures come in different sizes?

R-Trunk, Lantern, Log, Sail come in size Small, Medium and Large. Wigs and Bookworm come only in Small and Medium. Please bare in mind that size indicated my very by a few centimeters, according to the book found.

Q- The model Mural. A little bit of information on the piece.

R-Mural is a wall piece, it is composed by three panels with each panel having 16 hand Folded Books. The panel is hidden by the paper sculptures and generally it is drilled to the wall. The three panels are to be placed in the order given (on the back of each panel there is a number) because in order to have the full effect, the books from each panel overlap to the next panel.

Q- Is the shipment cost included?

R- The cost of the delivery is care of the buyer

Q- How long does it take to receive the paper sculptures?

R- The range time is from a week to 4 weeks depending if the piece is in stock or it has to be done. Special project will have different timing and will be communicated via email to the client. In any case the client will be informed on the delivery expectation time via email.

Q- Are the books in Italian?

R- Almost all books are Italian, but some may be French or English. It depends from the books we find.

Q- Are all books the same?

R- No, all books are not the same, because all books are different to begin with. Crizu will make the book as similar as possible to the one shown on the website, but please know that all books are hand made and are one of a kind pieces. We actually believe this is a positive addition to the sculpture. Hue of the paper, disposition of the characters of the print and disposition of the folds will rarely be alike. If desired, we will be glad to send a photo of the piece before it is delivered. Crizu will obviously do its best to make the piece as similar as possible to the ones shown on the website.


Paper Jewelry


Q- Are Crizu paper jewelry hand made in Italy?

R- Yes, all paper jewelry are hand made in Italy.

Q- Where dose the paper come from?

The paper jewelry is made with the old and obsolete books that do not have enough pages to become a Crizu Folded Book sculpture.

Q- Is the paper cut?

R- Yes, the paper is cut into shape and then folded.

Q- Are the earnings made with Nickel free parts?

R- Yes, the earring are made with Nickel free parts, but Crizu is not to be held responsible for any type of allergy for the parts are bought from a third party and not made by Crizu. Please read Terms and Conditions.

Q- Is the disposition of the characters of the print the same in all earring?

R- Crizu will try to make all earrings and necklaces as similar as possible to the ones shown on the website, but please bare in mind that all are hand made, a rarely are completely alike. We think this aspect is actually a positive addition to the piece. Each piece is one of a kind.